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September 10, 2010

Four Legged Adoption: Part I, Scout

Both of our pets, Scout the dog and Pip the cat, were adopted and because they are our fur-children, it would not be right of me to withhold the tails (har har… tales, get it!?) of how they came into our life. Scout was found via where foster “parents” can advertise the puppies available. Fortunately, her’s is not a sad story like so many stories about abandoned dogs… Scout was the result of “unintentional breeding,” if you will. Her mother is a basset hound and her father a border collie who her foster mom told me “they had seen around the neighborhood.” Great… one of them.

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September 3, 2010

Would You Like to See My Rock Collection?

Recently I was pawing through the coat closet when I came upon a bag of rocks in a medical bag (you know the one with the skull and cross-bones on it… lest these rocks be toxic waste). I hadn’t pulled them out in a while, because we rarely have company who would have any interest, but it occurred to me that I have started a small rock collection.

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September 2, 2010

What’s a “Dog Mom”?

Rather than deny it, I’ll just come clean here in post #1. I am a total dog mom. Some people hear that and think of the neighborhood cat lady, but I assure you… they are not the same.

For starters, dogs are social creatures by nature, whereas cats are typically solitary and more closely resemble “the kid in class who’s really smart, kind of funny sometimes, but mostly unlikeable.” Oh… we have a cat too and for the record, I adore him. My cat is way different than yours. 😉

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