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Greetings and welcome to my little nook on the internet!

This is not my first blog. In fact, I had a way-too-personal blog in college that ended when “someone” discovered it and I decided to call it quits on my days of writing publicly. Having learned the lesson about public displays of personal life, I decided it was time to start again, and while this blog will be in my voice, about my life, I’m a little older and a little wiser. And also married, which cures about 50% of whatever college-aged girls blog about. (Authors edit: I am a total liar. Here is the other blog I co-author… yeah yeah. Out of the anonymous blogging closet, or so they say.)

To tell you a little about myself today: I am happily (although sometimes not so much) living in a suburb of Boston – kind of. It’s more like a sub-suburb. I am twenty-five years old, a middle child, an aunt and officially coming out as a tv-addict. Nothing is quite as satisfactory as a visit to my chiropractor and I firmly believe that everyone should visit a therapist twice a year (or find a really great hair dresser who can double as therapy). I am a non-profit professional who enjoys what I do and am always looking for more ways to save the world in any way that I can. Yes, I do recycle. I try to buy local and I always pick up after my dog.

Oh. The dog… We have a dog and a cat, but if you ask any of my friends they will probably tell you that I have a mostly un-healthy relationship with my dog. I baby her, and in turn she treats me like a child would treat their all-knowing mother – always looking for a treat, asking to go out and play and eyeing the remote control for a chance to give it a nibble. If you missed it, go back to my first post – it should explain everything, or at least a little.

Things that I really enjoy: good wine under $15 a bottle, a good book that doesn’t take a year to read, photographing everything, walking, swimming, cooking to prove that I can (and if I do say so myself, I’m pretty good) and coffee. Hot in the morning, if home-brewed, otherwise iced from only one locale.

There are not many things that I do not enjoy. Birds terrify me… I don’t know when this irrational fear started, but I’m really hoping I can shake it.

Other than that, I hope you will learn more about me as you read along!

xo, a

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