Four Legged Adoption: Part I, Scout

Both of our pets, Scout the dog and Pip the cat, were adopted and because they are our fur-children, it would not be right of me to withhold the tails (har har… tales, get it!?) of how they came into our life. Scout was found via where foster “parents” can advertise the puppies available. Fortunately, her’s is not a sad story like so many stories about abandoned dogs… Scout was the result of “unintentional breeding,” if you will. Her mother is a basset hound and her father a border collie who her foster mom told me “they had seen around the neighborhood.” Great… one of them.

Scout was one of three females born to this litter, and as soon as they were “old enough” the owner of the basset hound handed them off to a sweet woman Shirley who fostered puppies and dogs, and made sure they found good forever homes. And that’s just what happened. I was casually searching for a puppy, knowing in my heart two things: 1) I would never buy a dog, adoption was the way to go and 2) When I saw my puppy, I would know it was meant to be. I was also searching on another site “good dogs for apartments” because I certainly didn’t want to bring a lab-mix into an apartment, knowing they needed more space to go lab-crazy. Basset hounds were right up there along with yorkies and poodles. Really? I always thought basset hounds were so BIG. But apparently, their mellow personalities make them fantastic apartment-dwelling pets. Excellent…

So, going back to the puppy site I searched puppies for adoption, based on the criteria that they were part basset hound when there. she. was. Holy. Moly. This is what I saw and fell in love with:

Scout, eight weeks old

There was a slight kink in the plan: Kevin was stationed in Japan and I’m pretty sure I had to seek his consult before acting on this, but noting the post time (Miss Shirley had literally, just posted these puppies) and realizing that my heart was saying “yes! yes! that’s Scout!!” (of course I had a name picked out, she’s named for Scout Finch from To Kill a Mocking Bird. Go read it.) I emailed Shirley, and them emailed Kevin. Whoops.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Shirley and I went back and forth for a few emails, she sent pictures of Scout’s two sisters in case I was interested in one of them, but I knew this was my girl. One PayPal deposit later, she was officially mine and would be arriving in a week via plane. Oh, did I mention, Scout is from Oswego, Kansas (which coincidentally, is where one of my very best friends families is from… fate. Total fate). As far as dogs go, I think we are pretty lucky. She has a personality the size of a Mack truck and intelligence to boot. Sure, I might be a dog mom, but if you had a little fur-friend like her, you would be too.

Finally, and most importantly if you are thinking about getting a pet, please, please, pleeeaassssseee consider adoption. If you are not showing or breeding your dog, there is no reason to need papers, to spend $3500, or to encourage in-breeding. If you need more convincing, please visit here, and then see the photo below of the worlds best dog… who only cost me a $99 adoption fee (rock removals could happen to anyone!).

Scout, August 2010

xo, a (and s)


One Comment to “Four Legged Adoption: Part I, Scout”

  1. How lovely Scout is, I wish I could have that fascination with dogs too. I can only ogle at the most but the thought of having one at home… ugh, now my son’s asking for a best friend (say, dog). Feat!

    great day for you…

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