Things the Psychic Told Me…

I went to a psychic. This isn’t something I usually do, but at the suggestion of a good friend, I decided to give it a try. The worst that would happen is I would walk away a non-believer.

That… did not happen.

As soon as I sat down, she told me I had two very strong women standing by me at all times and went on to tell me that they are my grandmothers, “the one you never met wishes she had met you and wants you to know she’s been looking over you since before you were born. They both love you very much. The one you knew is looking after her great-grand daughter who is very, very young… maybe not even born yet,” which made sense. My cousin and her husband were having a baby girl any day. She then told me that my grandfather who passed watches over us as well.

Next, she asked me if I knew a Tom. “My brother in law is Tom,” but no, this Tom had crossed over, or so they say. I couldn’t figure out who Tom was and she seemed to get a bit agitated. What? I don’t know Tom. Then she said, “Tom and your father wore uniforms, or worked for law enforcement. Tom is his friend, I’m seeing heart disease – maybe a heart attack. He knows your father would think this is all bullshit but they were very good friends and he wanted your dad to know he is OK.” Holy. Shit.

At this point I am just bawling my eyes out. I still couldn’t decide if this was real or all just a coincidence, but if it was a coincidence it was incredible. An incredible coincidence.

Next she went on to talk about children. She asked me if I had a daughter. “No.” Are you sure? “Um… yes.” She was confused. I was even more confused. A daughter? Wouldn’t I know if I had bore a child? She started talking about a home with a fence, and how we were going to start looking for a home (which we’re hoping to) and when we find the one with the fence and the yard, we’ll know that’s it… for our daughter. Hmph. “Oh…! The dog! Your dog is a girl, and your cat a boy. SHE is the daughter I’m seeing. Do you treat her like a daughter??” I cracked up. “Yes… yes I do.” “Well that explains everything. I was seeing you with a daughter, but I was also seeing your first child being a boy.” Um……………… real child?? “I see you with three children around you, in this yard. Lots of animals too, not just dogs and cats.” Which is funny, because I really want a chicken coop when we buy a house. She then told me that my grandmother who I had not known was taking care of my aunt, and that even though some people pass as babies, they still know us and then know us long before we are born. She wanted my dad to know that.

Commence bawling, round two.

I asked her vague questions, hoping she would pull from another place the answers. Which, she did. I wanted to know how things would “work our with our new situation” to which she told me my husband would do fine in his classes (he’s back in college post-military) and that in 6 months or so the trouble I was having with creativity and feeling unsuccessful would pass. To not make rash decisions and to keep my shit together (more or less, she didn’t say shit.)

She told me some things I already knew: I need to worry less; I need to give myself the credit I deserve; that my husband loves me more than I know; that he is a good man; that those near and dear to my heart will all be fine, despite current troubles.

Of all the things we talked about, the things she came back to time and time again: we would have a boy first (she clarified and said she feels energies, so if not a boy, a girl who would give us a run for our money… great), we would be buying a house with a fence, that my grandmothers stand by me daily and that a woman I work with has a vested interest in seeing me succeed.

So… that was interesting. All in all it was a good experience, and I am glad I went. I have to believe that this was all real, because some of the things she said was completely out of left field. You wouldn’t just assume those things about a person’s family. And she had no prior knowledge about who I am, what I do, where I live or anything. Will I go back? Probably. Would I recommend it? Yeah… like I said, the worst that can happen is you leave a non-believer, but if you have an open mind, it could be glorious.

And that, is all.

xo, a

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4 Comments to “Things the Psychic Told Me…”

  1. It made me smile especially with the daughter…. 🙂 The Psychic’s good!

    It’s worth believing ain’t it, I mean all those good and reassuring things said…

    Hmn… I think I should visit a Psychic too… 🙂

  2. I think she was pretty good! Yes, try one out – it’s worth a shot!!

  3. That’s so interesting. The only time I went to psychic I was told the two things I want the most in life are love and financial security.

    While yes, that’s true I’m pretty sure that’s what most people want. She didn’t have any major revelations and when I was done I wanted my $20 back!

  4. Hey faithful comment-ers, I have moved my blog to ! I hope you will come along 🙂

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