Would You Like to See My Rock Collection?

Recently I was pawing through the coat closet when I came upon a bag of rocks in a medical bag (you know the one with the skull and cross-bones on it… lest these rocks be toxic waste). I hadn’t pulled them out in a while, because we rarely have company who would have any interest, but it occurred to me that I have started a small rock collection.

For starters, these potentially toxic rocks are not toxic at all, merely medical waste. Huh? Yes, medical waste. Scout ate roughly 7 good-sized rocks last October, which required emergency surgery. $900 later I was the proud owner of a dog with a killer scar (who also has a dirty little habit of eating non-food items) and a bag full of rocks. Really? Really. When the vet handed them to me my first thought was, “Ugh. Gotta throw these things out.” But then it occurred to me… I just paid $900 for these rocks. I am keeping them; and not only have I kept them but whenever someone new comes to our house I ask, “would you like to see the rocks that Scout ate?”

All these small-yet-expensive rocks aside, allow me to share with you the stunning, slightly frightening, gigantic rocks off the coast of Tsuken Island (which is off of Okinawa, Japan). Let me tell you that this is the most beautiful beach/island/untapped vacation spot ever. The Caribbean has nothing on this place. There was no one there, less the people we were with (all of uh… 20, maybe) and the entire beach was ours to enjoy. The water was beautiful, warm and crystal clear. Snorkeling there was stunning – I brought an underwater 35m camera but didn’t get the greatest pictures. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to go back. 🙂

Beautiful beach on Tsuken Island

Rocks off Tsuken Island - be careful!

While this view was spectacular, it made me nervous to think about how many people surf/kayak/do other water sports around here. Which is why, I will tell you, I did not participate in any of these. We did go para-sailing but we were safely above the coast – surely I had no irrational fears about the parasail tearing and crashing onto these rocks. Nope…

I really wanted to chip some of these rocks off and bring them home, however it was damn near impossible, and trust me we tried. Instead we gathered, like squirrels, pockets full of shells, sea glass and small stones. This beach was a gold mine for sea glass which made me giddy. Today, all of these beach treasures sit on the book case in a glass dish. Sometimes I think it still smells like ocean, but I’m pretty sure I remember bleaching it all prior to getting on a 24 hour flight. It’s nice to pretend!

xo, a


5 Comments to “Would You Like to See My Rock Collection?”

  1. That looks so beautiful – and peaceful. I love beaches and coastlines but I don’t like crowds… 🙂

    Don’t let Scout try to eat those big rocks – that would hurt!! 😉

  2. Nice pictures! I would love to also capture things like this with my lens! Great job.

    • thank you both for the love! this beach/island was absolutely stunning… doubt we’ll ever make it back (hubby was stationed there) BUT it would be totally worth it 🙂

  3. Hey faithful comment-ers, I have moved my blog to http://www.vitaebellablog.com ! I hope you will come along 🙂

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