What’s a “Dog Mom”?

Rather than deny it, I’ll just come clean here in post #1. I am a total dog mom. Some people hear that and think of the neighborhood cat lady, but I assure you… they are not the same.

For starters, dogs are social creatures by nature, whereas cats are typically solitary and more closely resemble “the kid in class who’s really smart, kind of funny sometimes, but mostly unlikeable.” Oh… we have a cat too and for the record, I adore him. My cat is way different than yours. 😉

A dog mom is someone who is definitely going to have real human-babies someday, but is just passing the time taking care of a somewhat relatable mammal. Dogs, regardless how old, depend on us in a manner that eerily resembles the first 5 years of a child’s life (feed, clean, dress, potty, educate). Since we don’t have human babies, we have doggy babies and man oh man, do we baby them.

Scout, posing on a beautiful summer day

In my personal opinion dog moms (and dads) are a growing trend, and I don’t think it’s an accident. The cost of raising a child has skyrocketed to an amount that I am terrified to look up, knowing that my husband and I will probably have to work 5 days a week between now and age 60 just to put two hypothetical children through college. I can only speculate that other people heard this news, and have made the decision to postpone/cancel their childbearing plans. But not having a baby to love, raise and care for is leaving many a wo/man broken hearted and so they are filling the void with a furry baby who loves them and comes back for more treats no matter how much we get frustrated over poop on the carpet (Scout, for the record, is 100% housebroken).

We are spoiling our pets at a rate of $45+ billion a year, but that is still so much less than we would spend on children. Personally, I probably spend upwards of $2000-3000 a year on my pets. Yes, I will admit that is a lot of money (they both have health insurance) but can you imagine what it would be for a child?? Childcare alone would probably cost $24,000 for a year. So if my child lived naked, un-fed, un-insured, and un-loved then I could probably justify spending no more than uh…. $30,000. But since all of those things are legally required/necessary/wrong to deny you’re looking at a lot more than that. And lets be real, SAHM-life is not a reality for many-a-woman, like myself.

Anyway, I digress. I love my doggy and expect that she will be an all-too-frequent participant in my posts. But hey, it could be worse. I could be single, blogging about my cats, and eating a frozen dinner which doesn’t sound so bad, right about now.

xo, a


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